Hikari Ritual Set

675 SR

Hikari Ritual Set is perfect for traditional preparation. Our set is placed in a box made of 100% bamboo and contains all of the essential tools to help you whisk up the perfect bowl of matcha.

The Ritual Kit includes one:

Organic Emerald Grade 30g tin

100 prong bamboo whisk

Matcha strainer

Porcelain Whisk Holder

Perfect serving scoop

  1. One scoop using the spoon gives you a perfect amount for a 10-12 oz serving.
  2. Scoop the matcha into the sifter over your bowl or cup.
  3. Turn the scoop upside down and use the edge to scrape through the matcha. This eliminates all clumps!
  4. Add 1.5 oz of hot water and use the bamboo whisk to make Z, M, and W zigzag shapes to mix up frothy matcha.
  5. Rinse off the bamboo whisk and gently wipe off any matcha - place prong-side down over the porcelain whisk holder. This keeps the shape and dries the whisk out perfectly.
  6. Enjoy!

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