A/B x Tasa.Heal

Allmanac Beauty's collaboration with Tasa.Heal was all about delving deeper into the world of Sound Healing. Sound Healing is a practice that uses instrumental or vocal vibrations to relax your body and mind.  During these turbulent times, meditation, and switching off for a second are beneficial, and necessary for our mental health.Our viewers learnt more about the practice itself through our Instagram stories, where we spoke to Tasa.Heal about the benefits of sound healing, as well as what prompted her to start initially. We also shared our first IGTV of a special Sound Healing recording 'Wash it Away' by Tasa.Heal where our viewers could try out sound healing for themselves! Headphones in, press play, and meditate. 
Please click on our Instagram page below, to experience the deep healing sounds of Tasa.Heal

Instagram: @allmanac.beauty
Instagram: @tasa.heal