The One Time We'll Tell you to Avoid Water

At A/B we are huge supporters of the Hydration Nation ethos, and we’d never tell you to skip water EVER. However, there are always exceptions to the rules and those exceptions are waterless manicures and pedicures. Here are a few reasons why you should ditch those bowls and pools: 

  1. Safer Service: No matter how you sanitze and disinfect the manicure bowls and pedicure pools it is inevitable that debris will be absorbed overtime; and with tiny little particles of germs stuck to the bowls and pools the likelihood of contracting a nail infection is just another worry we need to add to our list of COVID-19 woes. So, next time you're at your favorite nail salon just ask your technician to point you in the direction of a sink, wash those pretty little hands and ask her to spritz some sanitizing gel on both her hands and yours!

  2. Environmental Assistance: Going waterless saves up to 56 liters of water per service. Why don't we save that water for summertime swimming pools, for brewing tea while we spill tea and for the ocean waves that sing us to sleep at night.

  3. Maximum Moisture: Waterlogged-skin prevents any real effect of moisturizing products. Skip the nail soak and make friends with moisturizers.

  4. Longer Lasting Polish: Have you ever noticed that your nails look perfect when you leave the salon, but hours later you find small gaps on either side of your nail bed? That's because water-soaked nails swell and shrink within hours of service, which leads to imperfect manicures and premature chipping.

Remember that the next time you get your nails done ladies. Tell your technician, hold the water and brew me a cup of chamomile please!