Gua Whaaaa? A Girls Guide to Gua Sha

Gua Whaaa?

In Chinese, "gua sha" literally means to "scrape the bad out". Yes, it sounds a little scary, but it is actually quite a pleasant, useful and aesthetic facial treatment. 

Gua Sha for the face is an absolutely painless and delicate procedure (if it hurts you're doing it wrong)! With a heart-shaped scraper, generally made of Jade or Rose Quartz, the skin is massaged with gentle pressure working through 12 facial meridians, acupressure points and individual zones.

Gua Sha improves blood circulation and effectively eliminates fluid blockages. As you massage your face with the scraper you are allowing your skin to saturate with oxygen, and in turn actively produce its own collagen. Above all, the main advantage of Gua Sha is that it removes muscle clamps and thus reduces wrinkles especially in the tensest areas (between the brows, around the mouth and tracing the jaw). It also REALLY helps with headaches. 

How to Gua Sha?

First things first

Wash your pretty little face, tone and moisturise

1.Press & Stroke

Work the Gua Sha moving upwards along your facial contours - around 8 sweeps in each direction to increase circulation to the skin. 

2.Press & Turn

Use the tips of the tool to press and rotate slowly on the acupressure points shown. This can support health and enhance the complexion.

3. Hold

Hold the tool gently on and beneath the eyes, or over any areas of inflammation.

 What Else You Need to Know

1. A Gua Sha scraper should be insed with water after each use

2. After a skin massage, there may be some slight redness on the skin - that's normal, and not something you should worry about

3. Before massaging you can cool the scraper down a little in the freezer or, alternatively, warm it up in your hands depending on the feeling you like on your skin. If you're puffy in the morning we suggest freezing it, and if you want a relaxing night time ritual we suggest you warm it!

4. The Gua Sha, albeit being made from a durable stone, is quite fragile. Keep yours in a safe place and be sure not to drop it. 

5. If pregnant we suggest staying away from Gua Sha-ing, as there are many active points on the face that can cause you to react harshly if stimulated. 

6. 28 days after filler injections, and 14 days after botox, we recommend you stay away from the Gua Sha. We wouldn't want all that money spent on your pretty little face to go down the drain. You can, however, hold the Gua Sha under your eyes or around your mouth to reduce puffing, but please don't scrape!

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