Beauty Sleep: Why You Need It and How To Achieve It

Sleep is the ultimate skincare essential. Though there’s nothing more snooze inducing than being stuck in a conversation about how someone slept the night before, take a peek at their face, the evidence is literally written on their skin. There’s a reason for the phrase ‘beauty sleep’, you can not only feel better after quality sleep, but look better with a lively and glowing complexion. Beauty sleep is real, and this is why you should care.

 Get that inner glow

Though we understand that we are experiencing unprecedented stressful times, sleep deprivation takes a toll on the body and mind. Cortisol -the primary stress hormone- is heightened during times of sleep deprivation resulting in dehydrated, dull looking skin. It also affects collagen production leading to a more mature look with wrinkles as evidence. We also tend to retain water leading to that not so cute puffy eyed all-nighter look. 

Quality zzzzzs really do help you achieve that inner glow. As you sleep, your cortisol levels drop, allowing your body to do its thing like repair damages done to it during the day by increasing cell turnover rates. The skin goes to work getting rid of toxins and avoiding fluid build up so you wake up feeling and looking refreshed.

 … but sometimes sleep is elusive

To all the kick-ass girl bosses and perfectionist creatives out there, we see you, we understand how sometimes sleep is just not an option —no matter how much you crave it. Often the mind is just on, thinking a thousand thoughts a second, deadlines, presentations, schedules… it’s almost never ending and it’s also cause for late nights and way too early mornings.

Here are a few tips on how to unwind at the end of the day. Your mental health and skin will thank you:

  • Routine: Develop an end-of-day routine to help you physically unwind and mentally prepare yourself for bed. Personally, I find my night-time skincare routine essential in helping me relax.
  • Switch-off: Shut down your electronic devices and ease into a relaxing activity like reading or journaling. 
  • Ambiance: Set the mood. Light a candle, spray a little sleep spray like the one from DODO, inhale, and settle in for the night. 
  • Close your eyes: This may sound intuitive, but just closing your eyes and setting the intention can help your muscles relax and your mind settle down for the night. 
About the Author
Nauf Alfahad is a Digital Editor at a leading publishing company with a background in Applied Linguistics. Her interests range a wide expanse driven by her need to understand the human condition, her appreciation for well curated aesthetics, and achieving that inner glow.  
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