Chick Flicks & Beauty Binges

There are certain things in life that just pair perfectly like warm cocoa on a cool winter’s night, a fruit bowl by the beach or tacos on a Tuesday night. Two things that when put together release such synergy that they become inherently linked.

The Perfect Pair

A night-in is never complete without taking the time to indulge in a favorite chick flick while treating yourself to the extended version of your skincare routine. And let’s be honest, we’ve all been influenced to try the iconic DIY avocado mask and cucumber slices à la 13 Going on 30.

Here are some chick flick and beauty pairings that just make sense

  • You can’t help but fall for the best bantering couple in Two Weeks Notice. A strong, female lead who can keep Hugh Grant’s quick witted character on his toes reminds us that we should never compromise our values by taking the easy way. Meaning, you shouldn’t skimp on your skincare routine!
  • Sometimes the best form of therapy is laughter, and nothing makes us laugh out loud quite like the many compromising scenes in Bridesmaids. Though we love a good laugh, we’re cautious about avoiding deep set laugh-lines. The charming feature can be maintained by staying on top of your moisturizing game.
  • On the flip side, who doesn’t enjoy a good tear-jerker every now and again? Nothing hits us in the feels much like the emphatic rain drenched confession in The Notebook. Luckily there’s a surefire way to deal with the consequent puffy face that comes after a cry-sesh by using a jade or rose quartz beauty scraper (checkout this helpful guide). 
  • No chick flick list will ever be complete without mentioning the teen classic: Clueless. The modern retelling of Jane Austin’s Emma made its mark by for-fronting bold and vibrant fashion. Much like how Cher dresses for the occasion, we should all learn how to mask for the desired result. Exfoliating masks are perfect if you’re looking for brighter skin while hydrating masks like the Josh Rosebrook Advanced Hydrating Mask is all you need this winter to achieve glowing, bouncy skin!

 And of course dear reader, always remember that we like you very much, just as you are. That to us, you are perfect. 


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