A/Behind the Scenes: Yara AlDhaen

The founder of SEPT, a fashion app that uses algorithms to tailor our shopping preferences, Yara AlDhaen has taken the luxury e-retail sphere by storm. In a sea of customisable and curated platforms - think Netflix and Spotify - why was the fashion and retail space lagging behind? This is where AlDhaen comes in and makes our dreams come true, and we were extremely excited to hear more about her innovations and inspirations. 

FR: Who is Yara?

YA: Honestly, I’m still figuring it out myself. From a professional perspective, I’m the founder of SEPT, a smart fashion app that is personalised to each user based on what they like. 

FR: How has your personal style evolved over the years?

YA: I mean Kate Moss defined my teenage years and beyond. Today I try to dress like myself, whatever myself means on that day! Thank god for SEPT!

FR: What are your top 3 favourite brands in the fashion sphere and why?

YATop one for life is Chanel - because it’s CHANEL & Iconic. Second and third place change based on where my head is at. Right now, it's SEA NEWYORK because because I want to feel like an adult Peter Pan this winter. Also, Isabel Marant because I love the strength her clothes make you feel. 

FR: We love your take on fashion and how you’ve incorporated innovative thinking in developing SEPT. Can you tell us a little more on what led you in that direction?

YA: If you think about how we live our lives today, from our Netflix to our Spotify to our Instagram. Everything is algorithm-ed to suit your taste and who you are. But when it comes to fashion we all saw the same thing. SEPT is where everything is personalised to you, because who has time to scroll endlessly trying to find a dress for next weeks wedding? 

FR: How would you describe SEPT, and what inspired its name?

YA: Honestly, all the scrolling trying to find a dress for next week's wedding! As much as I love fashion, I found the experience exhausting and time consuming. You end up sharing links on Whatsapp groups asking friends if this dress is "ME!". I thought to myself, I love my Netflix and Spotify because they get "ME", but when it came to fashion, as much as personal style is soo personal - the experience was lacking. All of us were looking at the same screen, even though we are different and unique. SEPT is about building a company from the ground up with HER in mind. It's the come as you approach that we are all about. 

The name SEPT came into fruition for three reasons!  September is really when things start to change "the winds of change", before adding Jan and Feb to the calendar, September was the 7th month of the year and 7 is my lucky number. Also, fun fact is that in ancient Irish SEPT means cult, which is something I'm drawn to because all the #septgirls are part of this cult.

FR: Tell us something no one knows about you. It can be more than one!

YA: I’m an introvert, but no-one would believe that!