A/Behind the Scenes: Parisa Birgani

Parisa is one of the select few beauties who has been championing and rooting for Allmanac Beauty since the very beginning. Before we were able to stand on our own two feet, Parisa believed in us, encouraged us and enlightened us. A girl boss herself, the mind and eye behind Society.ae, we found no greater pleasure than asking her about what makes her, HER (beautifully brilliant)! 

FR: Who is Parisa?

PB: A being that likes to help people see what they haven’t yet seen.

FR: What led to the formation of Society?

PB: My love of storytelling. Ever since I was younger I was writing stories, listening to peoples stories and envisioning stories. So the love and interest was always there, but implementing it into a business came about when I moved back to Abu Dhabi from London. I felt that there was a lack of businesses that focused on curating stories, specifically stories, for small to medium businesses and looked at shifting the perspective of storytelling and the power of it. It’s still a very young company, but we really like to remain as creative storytellers that help build brands’ visual personality to life through different services.

FR: Which brands do you feel like have a strong identity and message?

PB: Allmanac Beauty for sure. The fact that I can see a colour combination, look at a word or see a graphic randomly and think ‘this is so AB’ is branding done right! Without a doubt, Glossier highlighted the importance of brand identity within the beauty industry, the fact that they solidified a pink hue where people can easily look at it and say ‘ oh it’s Glossier pink’ is the power of visual personality and branding.

FR: Name 3 of your skincare must haves?

PB: Elemis pro collagen cleansing balm- amazing for taking make up off and really getting into the core of the skin and removing any impurities. Murad rapid collagen infusion- I inhale this stuff, it goes in less than two weeks. It’s one of the only products I’ve actually seen that makes an instant difference in my skin. Ole Henriksen cold plunge mask is really refreshing and makes you feel like you’ve done a facial- I do this at least once a week, usually on a Friday morning as a treat.

FR: How do you overcome creative struggles?

PB: This is my biggest struggle, really, it’s tough. To constantly be creating things for different brands that have completely different identities and tone of voices is hard. I’ve learnt to step away from my laptop, as frustrating as it is, I’ll go for a walk, go meditate, do controlled breathing or go cook something. And when I come back I feel like my perspective has shifted, which is what I look for. But it’s a process you have to progress as to get through.

FR: Tell us something no one knows about you!

PB: I can’t ride a bike. 

Closing Remarks: The A/B team, collectively, cannot ride bikes either! We're in this together, and we'll support each other through and through! 

A/Behind the Scenes interview series will focus on the movers and shakers of the beauty and wellness industry - hoping to inspire others and cultivate a community of beauty cuties! 
Interview questions by our very own Head of Social Media, Fatima Rana
illustration by the ever so talented @_frdesign