A/Behind the Scenes: Muzi Sufi

Muzi Sufi is one of the few content creators who has an eye for the curated and captivating. Scrolling through her Instagram feed makes us want to jump through the screen and into her warm embraces and the brilliant places she so often visits. As a lady, a mom, a wife, a photographer, a muse, a beauty aficionado - she's all the above and even more - we thought who better to interview than her!

FR: Who is Muzi? 

MS: I’m a Pakistani American photographer living in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I’m a mom of two sweet little girls who inspire me everyday. I’m a content creator who encourages buying better quality fashion and beauty for a lasting, timeless style. 

FR: How has your style and the way you perceive the fashion industry evolved throughout the years?

MS: I think I really started to understand my style when I realised the problem with what I was buying. Like most people, I largely shopped at fast fashion brands, bulk buying a number of different pieces which I would never end up wearing. I started to realise how problematic this was. I started to understand the deep rooted issues of the fashion industry’s effect on our environment, and it allowed me to become more conscious in what I buy and from where. Gradually, I ended up collecting better quality, timeless pieces that I wear and rewear all the time without getting tired of them! Less is always more. I’m obsessed with good tailoring and high quality fabrics, and my style is definitely classic and minimal, with the occasional pop of colour. 

FR:What are a few beauty rituals you grew up with?

MS:Home-made face masks were a big thing with my mom while I was growing up, as was hair oil. As I grew older I realised it's not just the actual mask, but the massage effect of your fingers on the skin or hair to allow blood flow. Now we have so many jade rollers but the logic I think is similar so it makes me happy that my mother always encouraged a good beauty routine haha. 

FR: What brands do you think are ‘doing it right’ on social media?

MS: It’s hard to say really. If you go into an in depth analysis of each brand, you’re bound to find some grey areas. And that’s okay too! I strongly believe that as long as you’re doing your part to step away from mindless consumption, you can help make a difference. Only collectively things can change for the better. I will give a great example though. A lot of brands have started renting out some of their pieces to the public, like GANNI, allowing people to wear things without getting bored of them, which is great. I also recently came across a campaign by Another Tomorrow. They’ve started a size exchange program, celebrating our bodies and how within a year they can grow. ITs truly amazing and such a sustainable way to not have to discard of the old pieces. 

FR: How long have you lived in Saudi, and what’s your perspective on the change in the wellness sphere throughout the years?

MS: I’ve technically been in Saudi since 2017, but really I was travelling a lot. So I think I properly moved there August 2019! I love the fact that there’s a lot of awareness around health, and I absolutely love to have been connected with A/B because I learnt about a lot of beauty wellness brands directly from you! 

FR: How do you find balance between work and life?

MS: My work is a little less hectic these days, but my life isn’t. So its still a whirlwind! Between raising two small girls and trying to find a minute for myself or me and my husband, I think sometimes it gets overwhelming. The most important thing for me is to do something for myself everyday that’s purely for myself. That means, not as a wife or a mother, but something that allows me to press reset and be the best version of myself for the people around me. Bigger examples of this could be going on a trip somewhere and disconnecting from routine. Smaller examples include anything from going for a walk alone, having a coffee in silence or even taking pictures! I think COVID allowed us all to reassess the things we need to take a breath. Finding a minute in small things amidst a maddening day can be the most important thing you do. 

A/Behind the Scenes interview series will focus on the movers and shakers of the beauty and wellness industry - hoping to inspire others and cultivate a community of beauty cuties! 
Interview questions by our very own Head of Social Media, Fatima Rana
illustration by the ever so talented @_frdesign