A/Behind the Scenes: Mia Fiona Kut

Mia Fiona Kut is the reason why we are able to bat our eyelashes with the level of enthusiasm we currently do. As the girl boss behind Luna Nectar - an innovative lash, brow, hair and skincare company - we were intrigued to get her insight relating to all things beauty!

FR: Who is Mia?

MFK: Mia is a passionate business owner with big ideas, lover of green beauty, holistic healing, and everything space-related; and is also active in the film industry as an actress and director.

FR: Why should Luna Nectar products be a staple in everyone’s skincare / hair routine?

MFK: A variety of reasons! Our products are natural, vegan, and cruelty-free; and they are simple in the sense that we use quality active ingredients with no fillers. Our products are multi-tasking achievers and are easy for on-to-go application and busy schedules - we believe in the less-products-is-more approach in a beauty routine.

FR: What’s life like for you outside of being a business owner?

MFK: Outside of being a business owner, and especially during the time of a pandemic, life has reached a joyful equilibrium. I strongly believe in a healthy work-life balance, and doing what we can to feel good and nourish our minds and souls during this uncertain period. Currently I like to take walks, snowboard, do yoga, cook new recipes, and read. I’m definitely indulging in Netflix more than ever before. It’s also a great time to learn something new that you’ve been putting off!

FR: How do you incorporate self-care in your day to day life?

MFK: I make sure I get a full 8 hours of sleep, and in the morning, my ritual is to have a matcha latte and not skip breakfast. I’ve found that these simple habits make a huge difference in my energy and mindset. I also make sure I get enough exercise, and for days that are particularly busy, to unwind with meditation, candles, or a bath.

FR: Where do you think the beauty industry is lacking?

MFK: I think the beauty industry is following a trend right now, in particular aesthetics or messages that are being put out, or certain ingredients that get hyped up. While these are all positive messages, I think there is a bit of over saturation of uniformity. I would love to see more transparency, sustainability initiatives, and hard science behind products, and that’s what we strive towards at Luna Nectar.


A/Behind the Scenes interview series will focus on the movers and shakers of the beauty and wellness industry - hoping to inspire others and cultivate a community of beauty cuties! 
Interview questions by our very own Head of Social Media, Fatima Rana
illustration by the ever so talented @_frdesign