A/Behind the Scenes: Karen Rosalie

Karen Rosalie of Rosalie Agency has been a long standing inspiration to Allmanac Beauty. If you've ever come across some screen-licking worthy photographs for renowned beauty brands such as Fenty Beauty, Kate Somerville and Summer Friday's to name a few you're most likely looking at the work of Rosalie Agency - a creative agency and photography studio based in Downtown Los Angeles. So, we were beyond honoured when she agreed for the Allmanac Beauty Cuties to interview her on her work and creative process. 

FR: Who is Karen Rosalie?

KR: I am the founder of Rosalie Agency, based in Downtown Los Angeles. My team and I work with beauty brands to create photos and videos for web and social. 

FR: How did your photography journey begin, and how did it lead you to be working with renowned brands such as Summer Friday's, Fenty Beauty and Farmacy Beauty?

KR: I started shooting with huge influencers like Marianna Hewitt and Sona Gasparian in 2016 - and when they launched their own skincare and cosmetics brands, I also worked with them on those campaign images. Using those images I gained traction and was able to build our client list one by one! It was a very organised process and now we're coming up on our five years of being in the business. 

FR: What is your creative process when it comes to client shoots?

KR: We work with clients on a shot list but I always like to leave a bit of room in the shot list for interpretation. That is what our clients come to us for— for us to draw references from their inspiration, but ultimately give them the “Rosalie” aesthetic. Our work is very polished, dynamic and feminine.

FR: Texture shots, gifs, and satisfying skincare Tik Tok’s are all the hype right What are a few tips you can share on how to get that perfect texture shot?

KR: Shooting it by the window in direct sunlight is fool proof! If you don’t have access to direct sunlight, try taking it outside on a sunny day and shooting on top of a white poster board.

FR: How has beauty photography shifted throughout the years?

KR: Imagery used to be geared towards very “ad” type photos where you have models holding product but especially during the pandemic I’ve seen such a huge rise of “at home” content shot on iPhone and I have a feeling that’s only going to continue to grow. More and more clients aren’t interested in the heavily art direction styled shots and want more organic type of photos, especially for social.

FR: Tell us something no one knows about you! 

KR: During the pandemic I started two projects. While I enjoy being a photographer and director at Rosalie Agency, I felt a need to start somewhere truly creative where the vision was mine and mine alone.

Studio RSL is an online e-comm where I channel my artist background into minimalist plaster paintings and “make art” apparel. Although I was a fine arts major at UCLA, and I had initially aspired to be a painter, it took me 10 years to finally get back into painting. The brand ethos is to MAKE ART and to make art always. Don’t wait!

I just announced Iro House over the weekend— it is a light filled photo studio coming soon to Los Angeles in the Spring of this year. It is a space where it looks like a Pinterest board come to life: arches, plaster walls, travertine sinks and gorgeous shadow lighting at all times of the day. I am super excited to bring this to life because it has always been my dream to have a gorgeous photo studio.

A/Behind the Scenes interview series will focus on the movers and shakers of the beauty and wellness industry - hoping to inspire others and cultivate a community of beauty cuties! 
Interview questions by our very own Head of Social Media, Fatima Rana
illustration by the ever so talented @_frdesign